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Gynecologist and Infertility Specialist

The Department of Reproductive Medicine - a Center for Fertility Management (MHRT), is a super specialty center devoted solely to the management of Infertility and related problems. It is headed by gynecologist Dr. Roya Rozati, one of the pioneers and leading specialists in the field, the facility compares favorably with the best in the world, both in terms of equipment as well as personnel.

She is also the Professor and Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences and was formerly served as the Professor and Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Owaisi Hospital & Research Centre of the Deccan College of Medical Sciences.[3][4] In addition, Rozati is also the founder of the Maternal Health & Research Trust, a specialized research and infertility treatment center in Hyderabad focusing on infertility issues.[5]


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

The IVF process consists of ovarian stimulation, egg collection, fertilization, embryo culture and embryo transfer. Screening processes like normal ultrasound and blood tests are a pre-requisite for proceeding with IVF. If is detected, it is treated before proceeding with

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) technique is utilized for couples with poor sperm quality as it directly retrieves the sperms from the testis/epididymis, followed by injection of a single healthy sperm into the center of egg leading to fertilization.

Gynaecological Surgery

Our expert panels of surgeons, with extensive years of experience in gynaecological & laparoscopic surgeries, provide the best course of treatment available today. Our surgical experts prioritize treatment based on sheer merit as a matter of principal and advise surgical options only as a last resort.

Donor Eggs

Many women suffering from poor egg quality have found a path to motherhood through donor eggs treatment. Even for menopausal women, the uterus can be made healthy and childbearing through hormonal preparation and donor egg IVF provides a high
chance of successful

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine Insemination involves the preparation of motile sperm by an andrologist, which is directly placed inside the uterus using a very fine catheter. The sperm is deposited after the release of an egg or eggs is determined, during a natural or
stimulated cycle.

IVF Pregnancy

After a positive pregnancy test, post embryo transfer medications are continued for another two weeks. To confirm the location, and the number of pregnancies, a pregnancy scan is taken. In most cases, we are able to detect cardiac activity by this time, and medical support from our end is continued uptil completion of three months.


All the other doctors advised for IVF but Dr Roya was confident that I could conceive with proper medications and injections. And that is what happened. A miracle. Delivered my baby a couple of months before. Such a superb doctor. Thank You doctor for all the patience and help.

Priyanka Shah *****

One of the best doctors I have ever seen. Handled my relative’s complicated case really well and now she is blessed with a baby. A genius in performing IVF and other Assisted Reproduction Technology. Thank You doctor for all your help.

Pandruvada Soujanya*****

We got pregnancy report postive in our first IVF attempt. We are grateful to Dr.Roya Rozati for helping me to achieve my pregnancy dream. Thanks to the counselors who were really nice to us. Overall a friendly atmosphere. Thank you all.

Rupal Joshi *****

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In the 13 years since inception, the Department has come to be recognized as one possessing excellent Infrastructure, facilities and personnel and acknowledged for its success rate that is comparable with the best centers around the globe. 

  • One of the pioneering units to have started ICSI in India and has conducted over 5000 cycles till date.
  • Achieved pregnancy and delivery in 2 patients - aged 42 years and 56 years - by embryo/egg donation technique.
  • Pioneered the delivery of the first set of twins conceived by IVF-ET
  • By virtue of hormonal manipulation, a multiple pregnancy (quadruplets) was conceived.
  • A woman who had conceived through ICSI had delivered triplets.
  • Microepididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA) in conjunction with IVF in a couple, of which the male partner was azoospermic, led to the delivery of a healthy baby.
  • 500 cycles/ year of IUI were attempted with a success rate of 80%.


"Study after study does not show weight gain to be a side effect of the pill,"  "Adolescence or going off to college is when most people start the pill and this is also a time that young women tend to gain weight."


"It's recommended anyone with a vagina who is 13-15 years see their gynecologist to start and build a relationship to discuss sexually transmitted infection screening, prevention, and other health care advice," . "The good news is your first visit may be only a conversation and/or an external examination to make sure everything is healthy with your female parts. Unless you are sexually active or have vaginal discharge or other complaints, you will not need an internal pelvic exam. A pap smear test for cervical cancer involves an internal exam and does not start until you are 21 years old. If you missed this window, now is the time to make an appointment."

"A healthy vagina needs the same hygienic attention as any other part of your body,". "Between urine, sweat and being so close to the anus, cleaning up the area is critical to prevent dirty bacterial buildup and to avoid the offensive odors that develop throughout the day."

  • "Cramps can be treated with ibuprofen such as Advil and Motrin," . "I suggest keeping track of your period using a 'period tracker' app so that you can take ibuprofen prophylaxically or before you know your cramps and period are coming. Oral contraception or 'the pill' is not only a great birth control but makes your menstrual blood less heavy, which minimizes your cramps each month. Other easy remedies include a warm bath, heating pad, or a hot water bottle. Lifestyle choices that will help ease cramps and other symptoms related to PMS include exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and avoiding salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol."

"It may be a bit messy, but you can have sex on your period,"


"Some people don't have any stray hairs around the nipples, but during different stages of life and hormonal surges, hair growth around the nipples is considered normal," . "The area around the nipples is called the areola and it naturally has hair follicles. If you are getting random hairs around your nipples you might also notice hair growth on your chin and face. Some people are more prone to this than others. Puberty, pregnancy and menopause are times when hormonal changes are more physically noticeable."

Itching can be caused by various reasons, from yeast infections to sensitivities to detergents and/or bath soaps or inflammatory skin conditions. It’s rarely a sign of something very serious in pre-menopausal patients. If it’s just occasional, make sure to wear breathable cotton undergarments and avoid scented soaps “down there.’’ And if it becomes bothersome, alert your doctor, especially if it doesn’t go away or if you are post-menopausal.


Vulvas are like people, and they come in all different shapes and sizes and with different characteristics. Like many things regarding the female body, there are unrealistic beauty standards that tend to make women feel self-conscious or different. However, if you notice abnormal growths or changes, please let your gynecologist know so they can perform an examination.


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