Dr. Roya Rozati’s Message for IVF patients planning for Covid-19 vaccine

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With the pandemic, many women and their partners are assuming that it is good to delay the IVF treatment in this situation. But this is not true. Most such patients do not have a high risk and hence they should not delay their IVF treatment. At MHRT Hospital in Hyderabad, we follow precise safety measures for successful treatment. We are dedicated to attaining COVID-19 free status. Couples undergoing IVF treatment are tested for COVID before the start of the treatment and during all stages of the procedure.

Will COVID-19 infection of vaccine have any effect on IVF treatment?

Women who are undergoing IVF treatment should not keep away from COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines are safe for anyone taking this treatment and it has been confirmed by medical organizations. No patient should choose to delay the treatment during this pandemic or because of the vaccination. Women undergoing this treatment are already going through complications and further delay will put them in a serious position. So you need to sensibly pick the vaccination date a few days before the treatment begins so that no symptom like fever, body ache, and so on interrupts the procedure.


What precautions should patients opting for IVF treatment take during this pandemic?

Although no evidence suggests COVID-19 vaccination having an impact on fertility, as a precaution, all patients who are undergoing IVF treatment are tested two times; once at the start and before the procedure. If any patient is tested positive for COVID-19 in the RT PCR test, then the treatment cycle will be cancelled and it will get postponed by 2 months.

Individuals opting for IVF should take some precautions to avoid getting infected by COVID-19. They should:

  • Follow general precautions every time for preventing coronavirus infections.
  • Practice social distancing
  • Wear a face mask whenever in public
  • Wash and sanitize hands frequently
  • Disinfect and clean all used surfaces regularly
  • Not touch nose, mouth and eye without washing or sanitizing hands

IVF treatment has given new hope to couples with fertility issues by aiding them in conceiving and become parents. But since the breakout of COVID-19, things have become a bit critical as proper care and safety measures need to be practiced during an IVF treatment. Even during this difficult time, couples undergoing IVF treatment, should not postpone it and should proceed forward with all essential precautions and expert advice.


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