Hormonal Manipulation and Ovulation induction with Timed Intercourse

Our fertility centre runs in Hyderabad under the direction of Dr. Roya Rozati who is a Fertility Specialist with many years of involvement. The perceived and the best fertility community in Hyderabad offer different medicines and strategies with the guide of best-in-class lab offices and most recent advancements in the field of conceptive medication. We make progress toward giving clinical greatness and patient fulfilment is an essential measure. This middle is resolved to serve couples with changed issues going from irreversible fertility to constant problems utilizing traditional just as most recent and progressed regenerative procedures.

In this quick universe of mechanization, quick food varieties, an inactive way of life, the occurrence of Infertility is on the ascent. The sole motivation behind setting up this middle is to carry expectation and satisfaction to the existences of numerous childless couples.

Initial Consultation with our Specialist

Beginning of Treatment 

Stage 1: Stimulation: 

  • Ovulation enlistment meds include oral drugs, for example, clomiphene citrate, letrozole, and gonadotropins which are in injectable structure. 
  • These meds increment the chemical degrees of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and advance the extension of the follicles (liquid-filled sacs) conveying the eggs. 

Stage 2: Monitoring:

  • Ultrasound is utilized to screen the impact of the hormonal drug given, to achieve the development of the follicle. 
  • This interaction is known as Follicular Monitoring. 


Stage 3: Ovulation:

  • At the point when we discover the follicles creating and they are prepared which is generally when they are somewhere in the range of 18 and 20 millimetres in width, contingent upon your drug, hCG infusion is given to work with ovulation. 
  • The quantity of ovulation enlistment cycles relies upon the reaction of the patient. 


Stage 4: Timed Intercourse 

  • Then, at that point, the couple is encouraged to engage in sexual relations according to the ovulation output and days proposed by the specialist. 


How does the treatment function? 

  • Initially, the patient has directed drugs to upgrade the improvement of developing eggs by the ovary. This is observed through ultrasound routinely. 
  • The selection of meds for OI is directed by the hypothalamic-pituitary organ – ovarian capacity. With satisfactory hypothalamic capacity, an oral routine of Clomiphene citrate which shows estrogen agonist and adversary movement is regularly used in the primary line. Letrozole is another normal medicine utilized for ovulation enlistment. 
  • Clomiphene citrate hinders estrogen restricting in the nerve center to invigorate the arrival of GnRH and pituitary gonadotropins and instigate ovarian follicular turn of events. 
  • If hypothalamic or pituitary brokenness is distinguished or on the other hand if oral regimens are not effective, injectable gonadotropins are directed. 
  • The most normal gonadotropin regimens use FSH directed alone or in the mix with LH. When the follicles have arrived at the proper size to contain a developed egg, an infusion is provided to trigger ovulation. 
  • Timed intercourse or manual semen injection is the following strategy. 


We offer Ovulation Induction fertility treatment. The ovulation Induction technique includes the utilization of meds to invigorate the development of the follicle and achieve ovulation. Ladies with PCOS have hormonal aggravations which lead to issues with egg development and delivery named medicinally as anovulation. In ladies with ordinary periods, consistently an egg develops and is delivered and subsequently the possibility of origination is around 20% in a cycle. Be that as it may, in ladies with PCOS, as egg development and delivery doesn't occur or happens unpredictably, it influences the shot at considering normally. Notwithstanding, these basic drugs which can be taken to work with egg development and delivery under the oversight of ripeness expert assists these ladies with accomplishing a pregnancy.


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