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If you are suffering from infertility issues and looking for the best IVF treatment, then you should look anywhere else and contact Dr. Roya Rozati or visit her hospital MHRT in Hyderabad.
I am a 32 years old woman who had the trauma of being infertile. My husband has visited many renowned doctors in the field of infertility treatment, went to the best Hospitals in India, tried different treatments, and spent a lot of money, but all in vain. The result was always negative. Then one of my friends mentioned to us Dr. Roya Rozati. We booked an appointment and visited her hospital MHRT in Hyderabad. She listened to your problems and checked all the treatments that we have gone through. She ignited our long-lost hope of becoming parents. Not only her but also the other staffs of the hospital including the nurses, lab technicians, and other assistant doctors were very helpful and polite. Everyone made sure that I was aware of the entire treatment process and looked after all my needs. After years of wait, finally, I am a mother of a 2 years old girl. My husband and I are completely grateful to Dr. Roya Rozati, for helping me get out of my infertility trauma with the best IVF treatment.

Success stories

With 32 years of experience in infertility treatment, obstetrics and gynaecology, I have looked after couples who visit my hospital MHRT to treat their infertility and become parents. In 1997 I have successfully delivered the first IVF twin at MHRT, Hyderabad. I have used the embryo donation technique and helped two women aged 42 and 56 years become pregnant. Multiple pregnancies were also achieved through hormonal manipulation. A woman also delivered triplets after she conceived through ICSI treatment.
Through our counselling sessions, I listen to each and every couple’s issues and address them. I have always been very patient with all my patients. I believe that every couple’s situation is unique and thus I treat every situation differently. I find out the root cause of each problem and then work accordingly. I also make them aware of the success rate of IVF treatment.
My hospital MHRT has been recognized as the one with fine quality infrastructure, facilities, and staff. It is also acknowledged for its fertility treatment success rate that can be compared with the well-known centres worldwide. We have an 80% success rate of IUI treatment here. Many women, who went through an IVF treatment, got a positive result in their first attempt. Some couples, who were even advised that only through IVF they can conceive, got pregnant under my treatment through proper medications and regular injections. In case of complicated cases, I discuss them with my team, listen to their advice and then make a final decision. I am proud to have a team of well-skilled and experienced doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and researchers who are together responsible for making MHRT hospital the best place for infertility treatment.


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