Story of MHRT – When How it Started?

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I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. I studied medicine at Gulbarga University and then
I completed my postdoctoral studies at AIIMS, New Delhi. Then I joined Mahaveer Hospitals
as a senior consultant in 1995. In the initial days, there were many cycles of IVFs, hence
there was no specific approach. The cost involved in the IVF procedure was quite high as this
was a completely new treatment for infertility.

Thus couples who were suffering from
infertility issues or women who were unable to conceive were not only embarrassed to
consult a doctor or discuss their problem but also could not afford to get an IVF treatment.
Hence a lot of infertility issues were getting untreated due to a lack of consultation with
doctors and proper treatment. Also at Mahaveer Hospital, it was not possible to upgrade the
essential equipment, team of doctors, nurses, lab assistants, medication, and so on. I was not
happy with it and the urge of doing something to help and see the smiling face of those who
were suffering from infertility issues motivated me.

Opening of MHRT in Hyderabad

From there the thought of opening my own hospital came into my mind and with efforts and
hard work I was able to start it. In 2000, I founded MHRT in Hyderabad, a multi-specialty
fertility hospital. My aim was to deliver happiness to all the couples who visit the hospital
with infertility issues. I appointed medical staff, doctors, nurses, and lab assistants who were
well experienced, skilled, and had a passion for their work. I researched well and contacted
experts to get hold of the essential equipment for conducting IVF at my hospital. Apart from
this, I also ensured that safety and hygiene is properly maintained at MHRT. I ensured all the
couples visiting me for even a consultation how much their privacy matters to us and is safe
with us.

Our Initial days at MHRT

When I started the hospital I did not just concentrate on the innovative fertility or updated
embryo science treatments. I wanted to diagnose women and instil hope. I believed that
successful fertility results can be attained through proper care. I made sure that my team of
fertility doctors and specialist gynaecologists are the best in this field and they offer the most
suitable solution and support to each couple whenever they require it. They include all main
aspects related to fertility treatment in each patient’s treatment and everyday care plan. We
access each need of our patients accurately and apply effective service and provide
appropriate fertility treatment plans that work perfectly for everyone.

MHRT igniting rays of hope in infertile couples

The latest technologies do matter at my fertility centre along with access to the clinical team
or infertility expert. Each patient who visits our hospital is important to us, we know
everyone’s infertility gets affected by specific factors and thus our approach is unique. With
my experience in the field of infertility and commitment and dedication from my team, I have
been able to make MHRT one of the finest infertility hospitals in India. Our success rates for
infertility people are quite high.


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